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Title: you dont know him
Author: moi
Rating: *shrugs*
Pairing: mike/chad
Summary of chapter: its kinda short but i knew what i wanted to do with it.. so i did.
Disclaimer: *grins*
Deds: Anyone who reads this shit.

When darkness turns to light,

It ends tonight...

The slightest movement of Mike woke Tre from his day dream.

"Mike?" Tre's voice startled Billie which sent his beady eyes on stalks

Mike grunted as he came around, the blurred images of his two best friends became clearer.

"He's ok Bill!" Tre said shaking Mike slightly

"Thank fuck for that... well take him to mine, incase his mum comes back.

---------------- mikes p.o.v ------------------


The walls start breathing,

my minds unweaving,

maybe its best you leave me alone.


The light got brighter, sounds got louder, faces got clearer. I blinked a couple of times, that's when I realised i had gone from the comfort of my own room, the comfort of my own company, to the awkarwardness of Billie's room, the awkwardness of company.

I glared up at them, I didn't say anything, just stared. I was on the bed, Tre sat on the end with Billie sitting on the chair which was pulled up to the side of the bed, there was no way to escape. I stared up at the cealing, in my own little world, I was alone.

"Why?" Tre's croaky voice pleaded, I looked at him, his eyes pleaded too.

I can't explain myself at all,

all their wants and all their needs,

all i dont want to need at all.

I know why; Im the only one who knows; I want to keep it that way,Ii can trust myself; just about.

I sit up, shove my way past Billie and walk towards the door, just before I escape from the stuffy, awkward room, I find my voice speak, not loudly, but loud enough for them to hear.

"Im fine, don't worry about little me."

Sure I lied but I'd be ok, Il get through it, myself, my own way.

I walked around the corner away from their eyes staring out the window, I sighed slightly, not a normal sigh, a realeived sigh, a sigh of relief, id never felt like that before, the need to get away from my two best friends in the world. I carried on walking, not sure where i was going, i didn't care.

The street was quiet, the odd car drove past but at a speed, almost as though they wanted to get out of the deserted mess of a town, the mess of the life I had made for myself. I heard a car, it wasnt going fast, it made me turn my head, I found myself being dragged into the stationary car, which drove off at a steady speed again, although the difference was, I was in it.

I looked up to the man which had grabbed me, my eyes welled up with tears..


"I believe we have unfinished business" His evil voice whispered in my ear.

He pushed me down, and held me there with his body weight, I struggled to get free, it was no good, by this time my jeans and boxers were off and I found him thrusting into me. It made me moan.. not a good moan... a moan full of pain and hatered; for him or myself, i wasn't sure.

I pleaded for him to get off, it only made him go faster.

After what seemed like a life time the car stopped and I was thrown out, my jeans shortly following.

"Never run away from me again" The man who I used to have a crush on said, then the car sped off leaving me on the pavement. Used, Dirty, Scared, Helpless.


"Tre, help me... again"





It ends tonight,

It ends tonight..........



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