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Title: A new start
Author: moi
Rating: *shrugs*

Pairing: young billie/adie
Summary of chapter: *blinks

Disclaimer: *grins*

Deds: you know you wana read it.


She glanced back at the place she once called home, her happy memories, her happy child-hood. Gone. She sighed and wiped away a tear, she was surprised she could cry at all, she'd cried a river since she found out.

She took a deeep breath and stepped into the car, as it drove of she looked back at her old house, her old life. She turned back around, this was he new life now, new house, new town, new school, new parents, everything new; how much more could she take?


She slouched in the chair, letting the conversation fly past her.

"Adie, are you even listening to what we are saying"

She rolled her eyes

"Adie, I know it's been hard for you, what with you know..." The stranger trailed off.

She shot up, her eyes filled with hate and anger, she stared down at the almost frightend man "No I don't know, why don't you tell me" She stormed off, up the stairs and slammed the door shut behind her. Mumbles filled her head from the couple sat down stairs.

She collapsed on her bed knowing her life was going to be hell from now on, she was starting school tomorrow, a brand new school, new people, new classes, new building, dread filled up inside her, she needed to scream. She lay on her bed and stared up at the cealing,

"Why'd you have to die on me? Why leave me now, Why leave me with these two"

She switched on her music and let it take over her body, let it take he to another place.


The bell rang and the new head teacher lead her down a long, gloomy hall to her lesson.

"You'll like it here, the people are really very nice" The tall man said as he approched a door.

As he opened it up the class of unrooly children fell silent

"hello everyone, this"

"Adie" Adie said quietly

"er..yes Adie, she's new to the school, I hope you will all make her feel welcome.

She glanced over the other pupils heads thinking she'd rather be anywhere else but here.

"Hello Adie, im Miss Flinch, would you like to take a seat so we can begin" Her fake voice said pointing to an empty desk at the back.

Adie shuffled her way to the back of the room, facing turning to face her, she smiled, trying to be friendly, they all turned back around with no emotion on their faces. She shrugged it off and sat down.

She looked around at a student who was facing her, he had spicky black hair and hadn't stopped looking at her since she stepped foot in the room.

"Hey im Billie, this is Mike" A blonde haired boy turned around and waved.

"Billie and Mike stop pestering Adie" Miss Finch said

They both smiled and turned back around.




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awww.... cuteness!

Deleted comment

whats the difference? *is confused*
Awww! It's cute =]