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~I wish you would love me the way I love you...~

Title: Secret Meetings
Author: C’est Moi!
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Prince Billie/Princess Adie...It really has none its just a story that I thought of at like 3am.
Disclaimer: I actually own this story and the characters tho they have no names yet.
Summary: Read it and you’ll find out.
Deds: Vicky, Angie, and um... Bobby for being my inspiration....

Part 1 - There’s a first time for everything.

She lay asleep in her bed vulnerable and innocent as her mind drifted from one thing to another as she dreamed peacefully. He made no sound as he walked in. The smell of her perfume still amidst. He paid no attention, rather he gazed upon the sleeping princess. Her head was to one side so that he saw only half her face.

He walked to the side of her bed quietly and sat down softly next to her, making sure not to stir the princess. He moved the blanket a little so he could touch her and reach into her black velvet pajama bottoms. Slowly he moved, but carefully, all the while making sure the princess didn’t awaken.

He moved his hand down her soft panties and began teasing her clitoris with two fingers. This stirred the princess a little as he continued as he worked his way down to her heated pussy. He slid a finger in as the princess let out a soft moan. She opened her eyes and he immediately claimed her lips as he slit his tongue in her mouth devouring it.

He teased her mouth a little more before moving onto the bed positioning himself in front of her. He pulled her velvet bottoms and panties down slowly and laid them to the side. Almost immediately he was diving head first into her soft shaved cunt. He teased her clitoris by biting it softly as he parted her lips with his tongue. Her light pink flesh shivered for a moment before he devoured it with his tongue.

She moaned and arched her back hoping this amazing feeling wouldn’t seize. He rose up from her and stared at her lovely features. She was well developed for a young woman of seventeen. Her breasts round and plump with her perky nipples that were immensely hard by this time. Her sex was soft and shaven so no hair was visible. She was a truly beautiful young woman.

He broke away from his thoughts as he pushed his manhood into her slowly. She moaned here and there as her breathing became less then stable. He continued pushing himself into her slowly as his fingers once again worked her clitoris. Her breathing became a series of pants and moans as he thrust and his callused fingers ate at her clit.

He tried to keep a steady rhythm as he twisted her body into position after position. Her moans she felt were growing louder and louder so he kissed her to muffle them. A few more thrusts and he was spent as the seed from his cock was released into her now tired pussy.

He pulled out and let her take in this exotic feeling. Her breathing trying to become stable again as she heard her heart pound. He kissed her softly a few times as she laid next to him. They held each other for what was almost eternity before he kissed her neck again teasing her. She begged him to satisfy her again, but he refused. He got up and dressed himself.

“Not tonight ma chere.” he said softly his breath on her skin. “Perhaps some other night.”

He kissed her softly as she pleaded for the last time.

“Sleep, my princess.” he said.

He left without another word. The princess lay on her bed, not fully satisfied and dying for release the hunger that she felt was so overwhelming. His scent on her sheets and blanket and all over the rest of her bed filled the air. She tried to do what the prince had done to her, but it wasn’t the same. It just reminded her that this night had sadly come to an end.
C'est fini!!! J'adore vous... comments?

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