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Title: Strength To Endure
Author: Kristy
Rating: G (so far)
Pairing: Sahm and Tre (Kiss Only)
Disclaimer: My plans are to heat it up. It's only the first chapter and since I'm a fan of suspence.. Well yeah. First time on LJ (sorry for any errors),

A blanket of mist covered the bay area, as winter was beginning to start. It was night time, and the sun was setting behind the water, making time seem to go by faster and faster as the sun light slowly disappeared, only to make time head full speed again. The park was empty, for parents felt it was too late, and the night crawlers were beginning to emerge, and a homeless teenager came and made his bed in a tunnel in the parks play ground equipment. The breeze was picking up in the cold night air, giving anyone who dared to enter it, a runny nose and face so cold it stung.

Sahm sat in the shadows amongst the trees and the soggy left over fall leaves where the play grounds swing set, sat in the clearing. She looked down at her feet, waiting for 9:00 to come. Where she wouldn't be feeling so alone, by herself. But alone with other people in the same place. The environment would change in there at that time. It'd smell of kids reeking from alcohol and drugs. On the corner of the street, would sit a few mean looking punks, that anyone in the right mind would be afraid to even glance at.

She stared up at the gray sky that glowed from the city lights which came from mostly across the bay in San Francisco. Heaven seemed so far away. She needed paradise. She needed someone other than her much older sister to care about her. Her parents didn't serve and justice in love and support. Being berated every time she went to a show, or had even a little smoky smell from second hand, was taking it's toll on the poor seventeen year old girl.
She grew up in a nice neighborhood, secluded from everyone in a gated community. Her parents were both politicians, one on the legislative branch, the other on judicial. Her mother served as a member of state legislation and while her father was a state Judge. Not minding the long commute of course. However, her and her sister, Melissa, were the only kids in the neighborhood that were into music and people, that practically hated the class they came from. Upper. And since their parents were politicians, they tended to keep quiet about it.

"Hey punk, what are you doing out here?" Sahm heard a voice and looked up in its direction.

"For?" The voice asked. "Paradise to come to you?"

"Paradise you speak of. The alcoholic beverage or the place I've been longing to go?"

"Both for the same price I suppose," Melissa stepped out of the darkness into view of a street light, and took a seat on the swing next to her. "What's on your mind?"

"Nothing," She muttered, and proceeded to keep swaying forward and backwards slightly.

"I've never known you to come out to the swings this late."

"You haven't lived at home for three years. How would you know?" Sahm snipped at her. "It's hell putting up with those two alone. I can't do shit without a lecture. If I stay past a curfew 30 seconds I'm grounded forever. But they leave all the time anyways, which means I can do as I please. It's just not the same."
"Sahm, I'm always here."

"Bullshit," She snapped yet again. "You're only ever with that weird guy or at Gilman. The only chance I talk to you is when you call me and drag my ass to Gilman or when you're on your way out with a hand full of money to waste."

Melissa looked down at the ground, as Sahm stood up to leave her sitting there next to the spot she had been for almost an hour. They had always been friends and never really considered each other as sisters, but that was the actually the worst Sahm had ever snipped at her. It was usually Melissa telling the brutal truth, not the other way around. But she knew it was true. They both knew it was true.

With that, Sahm took off down the street, with her hands in her pockets, watching her feet. A hot tear rolled down her frozen face, and she sniffed as a small sob came, feeling as if she was walking away from her only support she ever had, and leaving it behind for good. The only sounds that were playing were the cars driving by and her feet dragging down the sidewalk. Figuring it was close enough to nine, she turned routes.


She arrived at the club at around 8:30, finding there was a band playing up on stage that she had seen before, and wondered why she hadn't heard about them opening. Instantly absorbing the energy of all the other people in there, and the humid, smell and gross atmosphere, she pushed her way up to the front of the room, closest to the band. She looked around the set, and loved how the front of the bass drum was simply spray painted black with the poorly painted "The Lookouts" across it. Beginning to feel the energy take over her entire body, she started to jump up and down with everyone else. A smile spread across her face when she made eye contact with the drummer with an equal smile on his face.

"THANK YOU," The lead singer, screamed into the microphone, and the drummer threw his sticks behind him, and made a sweaty dive into the crowd, who surfed him around. She laughed at his crazy antics, and noticed another band coming out to set up on stage. The band she had come to see. The band she had paid a good 6 bucks to see. She'd seen them before also, and loved them. She always admired them. Especially the bassist. He was really good. She was a bass player herself, but had yet to be in a band.

"Boo," Someone shouted in her ear over the sound of everyone. She jumped and turned around, to see the sweaty topless drummer from The Lookouts grinning at her. "What'd you think of the show?"

"I only saw one song, but it was great!"

"One is better than none I guess. I saw you checking me out up there," He said, making her blush. She hadn't seen someone so forward and up front. He took notice to her embarrassed face. "S'okay. I was doing the same to you."

"Oh really?" Was all she could get out.

"Sure! You want to come to what I like to call, 'exclusive side' and watch Operation Ivy from there where we won't be crammed?" He suddenly invited her. This took her by surprise, and made red sirens begin to go off in her head. 'If he dares to get me drunk to do stuff with him, he might wake up without a happy place,' she thought to herself.
"Yeah. I'd like that," She accepted. His grin widened, as he lead her up and over the stage, completley ignoring the fact that Bombshell had been setting up on stage.

"So, I've seen you around before. What might your name be?" He asked her.

"Sahm, you?"

"Tre," He trailed off. "You used to be in my old science class didn't you?"

"No.." She giggled. "You should know who was in your own science class."

Feeling stupidity rush over him, he mentally kicked himself for asking her that question. Here he was trying to impress her and she seemed to be out smarting him. He eyed her carefully, taking in each physical appearance about her. From what she was wearing, to that small twinkle in her eyes as she watched the band in front of her set up, or the way she had a slight frown to her face. Feeling awkward, he shifted in his spot on top of an old amp, and she looked over at him.


"Are you in a band or anything," Tre asked out of the blue.

"No. I actually wish I were," Her voice saddened, catching his attention. Much to his approval however, the guitarist struck his first chord on the guitar, causing everyone to perk up and look at him, awaiting a song to start. Immediately, a song started playing. Sahm got up and danced along with everyone else where she was sitting, and Tre couldn't resist but to join her.

"THESE GUYS ROCK, DON'T THEY?" He shouted over the music at her. She nodded her head and continued to dance, looking at the mosh pit starting in the front, with a few people starting to surf around on top of the crowd. The two of them laughed when a drunk man got hit in the head by someone’s shoe.

The newly found pair sat and watched the entire show, both enjoying themselves until the very end of the show. The show for the night was over, and no more bands were scheduled to play. Tre turned to her and smiled.

"Green Day and I are going back to Billie's place..." He trailed off.

"Okay.." She trailed off also, making him feel like an oxy moron.

"You want to come back for a few drinks?"

"I'm not old enough.." She answered.

"A few blunt hits?"
"I don't smoke."
"We'll figure something out."
They walked up the sidewalk, and into a garage from a side door. Opening the door, was like a sonic blast from all the various smells. It was almost like Gilman Street where they just left, but way strong. Sahm could almost feel the stench of dope sticking to everything on her, including her hair and skin. She saw a cat laying on the garage floor, and contemplated if it was passed out from second hand or was just actually sleeping.
"TRE!" A black haired kid exclaimed from across the room. Almost instantly, a few other cries of Tre's name were called.

"Hey," Tre answered to everyone. "Hey, meet Sahm everyone."
"SAHM MAN!" She heard someone cry. Sahm looked over to find it was the bassist from Green Day had said it. He was waving like a bubbling idiot, making her smile and blush.
"Sahm man? I don't have a penis," She pointed out.
"SO?!" He was clearly intoxicated, or close to it just judging by his loudness. She would try to look at his eyes if she could see the color through the slight haze. "I have decided your new nick name will be Sahm Man. It's a cool name. Hey I have a pet snake. Well, I used to, then it got out. And so did the neighbors rat that day.. And no more Mr. Rat. So how are you?"
"Umm," I couldn't think of anything to say after that little ramble. Everyone started laughing. Tre leaned over towards her.
"I'm not doing anything tonight because you're here," He told her.
"Why?" She wasn't sure whether she should be offended or not.
"Look at them."
"DUDE! I farted one time in my freshman year, so loud during class, that like, OH MY GOD, there was a mark in the sand where I was sitting in the beach," the lead singer of Green Day shared with everyone, then farting on the concrete floor, making it echo through the garage.
"I can beat that!" A girl said across the room. "I was once at a baseball field and it got really quiet.. I was the only one the metal bleacher and I farted super loud and the bench began to sound like it was ringing." The girl then farted like the singer, and everyone began to laugh, then making a farting contest.
"Okay, I see what you mean," She said back to Tre. "But do they have to do that? It already stinks in here."
Tre laughed. She suddenly got a new wave of nauseous smells. Sahm gave him a look trying to signal she wanted to leave, but he began to walk in. Following him, she stepped over the lead singer and sat down next to the bass player with Tre. Eyeballing him, she didn't realize the spastic guy was watching her. He then tried to make a calendar like pose, making her giggle.
"Do I make you horny, Sahm Man?" He asked her, with an Elvis face.
"No more horny than if you were the Queen of England."
"Oh, but what about the Queen of England with her shirt off? That'd make any guy pop a boner," He said, taking his shirt off. Her stomach hitched in her throat. She could feel the heat of his shirt when he set it behind her head. He smelled good. He looked good.
'Damn it.' She thought.
"Nevermind what?"
"Are you hitting on me?" Sahm asked suddenly.
"This Queen is taken. Not interested," He said. She was inwardly crushed. She still couldn't help but feel aroused at his almost half nudity. She sat still, with wide eyes, now trying to avert her eyes away from him, by focusing on Tre's leg next to her. She then felt his bare chest pressing against her side. Her breath then stopped.
"Just admit. I make you too randy for your own good," He said. Sahm turned her head, only for her face to have a fortunate collision with his chest. Quickly turning away, she tapped on Tre's shoulder.
"Can you contain your friend?" She asked him, when he turned around. Tre stood up.
"Yes, Mike get a grip," He told him. So that's his name. "You should know everyone's names by the time we leave."
"Are you wanting to leave or something?"
"Yes, I want a little bit of alone time to talk to you," He smiled. She smiled back, and stood up. He walked a few steps into Mike's direction.
"So you already know Mike. He's-"
"Hey! That's Queen Mike to you," Mike corrected. Or Queen Mike? They turned around to see that the lead singer and that one girl were now making out furiously, while everyone had proceeded to run into the house, giggling.
"I guess you'll meet everyone later," He sighed. "Let's head outta here."
"Okay. Bye Queen Mike," Sahm waved. He stupidly waved back, like he had when they came in.

They made their way out the door that they had just previously come in. They hadn't stayed there that long, but Sahm had a feeling Tre was gonna pull something she didn't want him to pull. She was certainly not going to have sex with him, even if he begged her, and he wasn't coming to her house. She made a promise with herself. She shoved the suspicions into the back of her head, as they made their way out onto the sidewalk. Looking into the house, they saw the light repeatedly going on and off, making her happy they left so quickly.
"So, where do you want to head? It's almost 11 and I don't know what time you should get home," Tre said, looking at his watch. He then looked up at her and she shrugged.

"I have an idea, are you up for it?"
"I'm up for anything."
Feeling colder than ever as the wind blew off the water, they walked along the waterfront after sneaking past the security guard that made sure everyone stayed off the docks. She could hear the water slightly swish around and a bell on a bowie dinging as the water gently rocked it back and fourth. She could see her breath in the shallow light from the moon, as well as Tre's. Her hand accidentally brushed up against his, and he took it as a subtle hint to grab her hand, taking her by surprise. He was probably one of the only men that read a Seventeen magazine, since she recalled seeing that in there a few times for girls to do. She was also surprised because she had seen guys say they don't notice subtle hints.
But Tre could notice.

They walked down to the end of a dock hand and hand, then separating to sit down across from each other Indian style.
"So tell me about yourself," Tre said. Sahm could see a twinkle in his eyes from the moonlight.
"What's there to say?"
"Basics, I suppose," He said.
"Well," She began, thinking about what to say. She knew this was going to result in a giant ramble from the both of them. "My full name is Sahm Karissa Jagger, no relation to Mick. My birthday is September 30th and I'm 17. I grew up here in Berkeley, and I play bass."
"Kick ass. I think we should get along just fine," He smiled, making me smile a goofy grin back to him. "Well, my name is Frank Edwin Wright the 3rd, not royalty. My 17th birthday is tomorrow. I was born in Germany and brought up in Laytonville, and I think you already know I play the drums."
"That's pretty cool," She smiled at him. "But how did you survive living in Laytonville?"
"Well, I actually just quit high school to come play music here," He said. She could hear a sense of shame in his voice. "But I've always been pretty active so I found things to do. Then we'd always take our parents car whether we had a license or not and drive into Willits. It was nice, because in the summer the school would open the pool and we'd all go do cannon balls to irritate the families or skateboard around where we weren't supposed to."
"Oh, bad ass. Skateboarding by signs that say, 'No Skateboarding,'" She said sarcastically, making him laugh a bit. She had a feeling Tre and her could be really good friends.
"Yeah. But my Dad would always get mad for taking his truck because he used it for work. He had been building houses at the time when we'd all pile in his."
"Ha, wow," She said, trying to keep everything alive as she shivered.
"Did you ever piss your parents off somehow?"
"Well, I'm probably pissing them off right now even though I'm not home," She replied, looking at the water next to them.
"Kind of."
"We should get you home then, huh?" He asked, as he stood up. He held his hand out to help her up. Gladly excepting it, she placed her icy hand in his fiery one. Coming to her feet, she had ended up closer than she expected. He grinned. "You're like holding an ice cube."
"I can't help it," She shrugged, biting her lip. Leaning closer into each other, they met half way in a soft kiss. Slowly snaking her hands around his waist, he began to pull her in closer too. The kiss became deeper and deeper, until he pulled away.
"Happy Birthday. It's 12:01."
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