jadedthegrouch (jadedthegrouch) wrote in nimrod_fiction,

Pulling Teeth

Author: JadedtheGrouch
Rating: PG- Language
Pairing: None for Now
Summary: Mike is kidnapped by an estranged fan...
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I don't own any of the GD members. No copyright infringement intended.


Chapter One: Accidents Will Happen

I'm all busted up,
Broken bones and nasty cuts.
Accidents will happen,
But this time I can't get up.

Mike shoved his way through the crowd, being pushed and knocked into many drunk teens before making his way to the bar.

"Do you have any beer?" Mike yelled at the bartender. A very nice-looking bartender, he thought to himself with a smirk, I wonder if she's single...

"No," she smiled at him, "Not for this crowd anyways." Without another word, the girl disappeared into a back closet and reappeared with a six-pack. "Lite, okay?"

"Umm..yeah. Thanks." He flashed one of his heart-melting grins and sat down on the wobbly stool next to him. Opening the can, Mike glanced out of the corner of his eye and checked the bartender out.

She's pretty. Probably likes the band, judging the sudden deliverance of the beer. Maybe, I could invite her back to the tourbus and....Fuck, you're desperate, man. Mike shook his head and took a sip of his beer. No groupies or fans, you know that.

"What's your name?" He could at least ask her name, it was the only polite thing to do.

"Lane, and yours?" she replied with a giggle.

Mike's flashed some brief confusement, and the returned to it's original smirk. She's not a fan. "Mike."

"Cool-" The bartender stopped short as her face brightened. "I love this song!" she shrieked.

Mike listened closely to hear the music over the mass of people. Soon enough, however, everyone was singing along.

"I'm having trouble trying to sleep. I'm counting sheep, but running out..."

Mike turned his attention back to his object of current desire, and saw her singing along with Billie's voice as well.

At least she has a good voice.

Mike set his beverage down and leaned against the bar, watching the inebriated crowd to his left. Once the last guitar riffs blasted through the speakers, the girl quickly turned her attention back to Mike.

"Sorry, that has to be one of my favorite songs and it doesn't get played nearly enough around here. The DJ doesn't like me or somthing." she explained with a laugh.

"So, are you a fan of the band?" Mike leaned over the counter to hear her response over the current song.

"Not really. I'm not too familiar with them. I just like that song, I guess." Lane leaned in well, bringing their face only an inch apart.

The girl is just begging, and she's not a fan of the band, just one song. I'm sure that doesn't count.

Going in for a kiss, Mike scooted towards the counter, but instead fell off of his stool, tumbling to the floor.

"Woah... I don't feel so..." Mike mumbled.

Everything was spinning and his eyelids seemed to be getting heavier and heavier. He began to drift off, seeing Lane's smiling face before completely blacking out.

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