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Title; Corona and Lime
Author; defythestarsxx
Rating; PG
Pairing; Billie Joe/Adrienne
Summary; An early morning in the Armstrong house, without the children of course!
Disclaimer; I own nothing but the plot and the story, don't steal either...

Baby will you be my corona and lime. 

Red and orange. The two flooded into the bay window and onto the floor, lighting up the room. It was one of the times where the married couple got to spend their alone time together. Yes, they loved their kids, but it was nice to just send them to their grandma's house and leave the married couple alone. 

To do as they please. To speak their mind. To love each other. 

Wrapped in the white sheet from their bed, Adrienne turned over to face her husband of fourteen years. Her bare body pressed against her husbands, as she wrapped her arms around his narrow hips, kissing the sweaty skin of Billie Joe's neck. Groaning in response, Billie pushed himself on top of her, nipping at her bottom lip. 

"Mhmm... Billie Joe this is perfect. I love you so much honey," Adrienne whispered as Billie leaned his forehead against his wife's, staring deep into her chocolate orbs. Billie propped himself up on his elbow, lifting some of the weight from his beloved. 

"Adie you know what I just realized and it does make perfect sense. I'm like Corona and baby, you're my lime. We just go together. Mhmm... I love you too baby."

And I will be your main squeeze. 
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