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Title; Broken
Author; defythestarsxx
Rating; PG-13
Pairing; Billie Joe/Adrienne
Summary of chapter; Billie Joe isn't the man he once was.  
Disclaimer; I do not own Billie Joe or Adrienne. I only own the words. DON'T STEAL!

Part of Erin's SHORT Story Challenges, on mibba.

It wasn’t like the rock star, Adrienne had already decided. She knew that her husband would never do that to himself. But where had that man gone? He was drinking more excessively and starting to crawl back to drugs, ones that he swore he would never touch again. 

Adrienne watched as her husband stumbled through the front door, vodka in his right hand. She watched as he managed to stagger into the kitchen. Ever since the last night of the tour, three months ago, he hadn’t been the same man that had left. 

“Hunnn…” Billie called out, taking a drink from his half empty bottle of vodka. His back was pushed up against the island in the kitchen, his eyes dull, not bright and full of life. Adrienne strolled into the large kitchen, spotting her husband. This was never like the old him. 

“What Billie Joe?” 

“I think, I think…” Billie paused; a clouded pain filled his eyes as he slipped down the cabinets. He looked over at his wife and tears flooded there way down his face. Black tears falling onto his white Misfits shirt and tan jeans. It just wasn’t like the front man to cry, or even cry in front of someone. Something is seriously wrong and he’s trying to drink it away. “baby, I need you.”

Looking up at Adrienne, he finally looked somewhat sober. Crouching down beside the man, Adie laid her head on his shoulder, whispering sweet nothings in his ear. “Beej, what happened?” She asked, looking up to meet his eyes. 

“I-I-I- I was raped.”

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