mrs_saint_jimmy (mrs_saint_jimmy) wrote in nimrod_fiction,

R.I.P Saint Jimmy

Title: R.I.P Saint Jimmy

Author: mrs_saint_jimmy

Rating: teen, possibly a little over, contains angst and strong language

Pairing: none, its just about Saint Jimmy but it hints at a past relationship with Whatsername

Summary: I decided, ‘what better way to celebrate the release of the new album than with mourning of the death of a character in the previous one. So, yer... I have clearly listened to the American idiot album too much. XD


Disclaimer: I do not own the ‘American Idiot’ album by Green Day or any of the tracks on it. I do not own Whatsername or Saint Jimmy, Billie Joe Armstrong does (I think) and I don’t own him either.

follow this link to view : 

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